Feb 5, 2014

Latest updates! (Year 2014 first entry)

Dear peeps...

Firstly, I humbly apologise for the long absence and with all my heart thank you for still visiting my long **ehhh saw some spider webs here... shuuuh shuuuhh... not updated blog...

I have been and still baking and decorating cakes.... my passions is still much alive... despite the non updated blog.... I have been active in my personal FB page and yessss I knoooowww I should create my anor-mycupcakes FB page by now.. I will! I will!

Anyways... I am still taking orders but as of now limited to the following and with ample notice please:


1.  8" round red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting RM80
2.  8" round choc cake with chocolate buttercream frosting RM75
3.  8" round choc cake with ganache frosting RM90

**For edible image - to add RM25
**For Kitkat (to add RM20)


12 pieces of fondant topping for engagement/hantaran  RM75
(together with clear window box + simple ribbon)


Nonetheless, we are still taking order  for custom made fondant cake  (as I you are all aware... I simply Love!) wherein the pricing is subject to requests. Do email me anorrisah@gmail.com and I'll be glad to assist... if you have an idea of how you would want your cake to be... you can always attach a pic for references/budget involved and I will provide you with a quotation.

But the most basic fondant cake - 1 tier -  8" round cake price starts from RM150.00 only



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