Mar 21, 2010

For 4 students

Whenever I attend to orders, I will always bake extra.. obviously for contingency plans ... and the good thing about cupcakes is that... you can always give them away ... and for own makan-makan...

My sister told me that these four friends have left their home town to study here in our beloved home town Kuching and have been BFF and that now that they have completed their course .. they will part ways and go back to their home town respectively... so kesian ...

So MyCupcakes are supposed to be their farewell cupcakes to each others... again... so kesian ...

The deco is as designed by themselves as per the following:

Which I have translated to:

Anyways, enjoy the pictures peeps...

Anor @ MyCupcakes
Petra Jaya Kch Swk


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