Mar 17, 2010

BEN 10 for the boys and GIRLY Theme cupcakes for the Girls

Sandra ordered 40 pieces of MyCupcakes and that the same is to have BEN 10 edible image and a further 10 pieces of MyCupcakes with girly theme decoration. The cupcakes are meant to be shared with her son's friends at school for his bday celebration.

BEN 10 is apparently the bday boy's favourite cartoon and he was even wearing a BEN10 t-shirt when he came to pick up "his BEN10 cupcakes" with Sandra and his daddy.

A very eloquent and bright looking boy I would say ... he said in proper English language and in a very confident manner he said:

"Where is my cupcakes? I want to see my cupcakes."

I was happy to see how his face lit up when he saw his cupcakes and the fact that there is BEN10 on the same made him even happier..

I do love what I am doing =)

Just something to share... cause I do want my lil boy to grow up with good manners... able to speak eloquently... have a sense of confidence in himself.... it is a big world out there...

So here they are peeps:

For the girls:

CUPCAKES WITH BEN10 Edible image

Enjoy the pictures!
Thanks Sandra for the order!

Anor @ MyCupcakesPetra Jaya Kch Swk


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