Mar 14, 2010

Happy 1 month old cutie pie Jasmine

We told Mas that we would go and visit her new baby girl, cutie pie Jasmine this Sunday and then Mas told me that she would like to order a cake to celebrate Jasmine turning 1 month old and ... but of course... i said YES... on the condition that it is a gift from Aunty Anor.

But early that Sunday morning Mas asked whether I could bake her 32 cupcakes also for the function.. and so I baked her some... but since it was a last min order and I only had one bar of butter so I only manage to bake 25 pieces and checked with Mas whether the said amount would be enough for her guest and she said ok... alright.. cupcakes - settled.

Here they are peeps:

Since I took the time to bake and deco the cupcakes first, I only decorated the cake after we came back home after visiting Jasmine.

It's been awhile since I last held a new born ...

Anyways this is what I did for Jasmine:

The decoration was meant to match the deco I made earlier for the cupcakes.

Enjoy the pictures peeps!
Happy 1 month old Jasmine.
It was lovely lovely to see you... plus Emir had a fun fun time playing at your home

Aunty Anor
Uncle Win


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