Feb 27, 2010

My little Oko-men (Ultraman) is 2!! Part 2

The reason I wrote the first part to this post is so that you would know the kind of work involved and the planning whenever I have decorating to do (in this case for the bday cake for my son).

I think by now you know them as my "cake thoughts"...

Anyhow, now that you know how the cake came about... here it is peeps... My little Oko-men (Ultraman)'s birthday cake:

I like this angle:

(if you take out the No. 2 candle.. so it becomes EMIR IS "ULTRAMAN" - get it? get it? hehehe)

Enjoy the pictures!

Mummy and Daddy...
Our hopes is that you will grow up to be a good person and be happy with your chosen path and that we pray that you will always live under the grace and the blessing of Allah swt.

Note: I didn't and couldn't get a pic of him with cake.. cause he was too busy with his new bicycle... Couldn't even get him to blow the candle even... sigh...

Note: I officially started MyCupcakes on 2.5.2009... so this is officially the first birthday cake I made on my own for my son... Am so proud of myself on this one ... very proud indeed!


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