Feb 27, 2010


My brother in law's fiancee, Ilot initially ordered ten (10) pieces* of MyCupcakes for makan-makan and whenever I bake, I will always always bake extra - for contingency purposes and they were also made for sedekah Maulidurrasul for the surau near our housing area.

Later on she told me she wanted the four (4) cupcakes to be decorated with HAPPY BDAY TO UMMI for her stepmom's bday and so I did the following for her:

4 for her stepmom

6 for Ilot

But later on when she came over to my house to pick up the same, she asked me whether I can deco and have enough to add more cupcakes for the bday cupcakes and I said I am ok with that since I was already in the middle of decorating for Susan (will update you on that one next) and so... Ilot asked whether it would be ok if she could try her hands on decorating and ... so she did deco some on her own ...

So here they are:
16 pieces as bday cupcakes for her step mom

Some I decorated and some are the work of art of Ilot... see if you can identify which is which... but you gotta remember... anything made out of love and heart are the most beautiful creations ... =)

*Note: Minimum order is 16 - but I do make exceptions to family and friends =)



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