Feb 15, 2010


Amy Joe, one of my BFF, emailed me asking whether I can bake and deco one (1) birthday cake for her daughter, Ms Alya who turned 1 on 14.2.2010 here in Kuching at her parent's place. But of course, I'm just happy to do the same for her and her lil one ... but later on there was a change of plan... Amy told me that the birthday party would now be shared with two other birthday girls, Alya's cousins - Aini and Aina... and she requested for four (4) cakes instead and advised me of her requests for the cakes.

Cake thoughts:

1. 1/2 kg for each cake Amy ... hmmmm (shaking head) ..... ayoooo not so nice lah Amy... so I baked all four (4) cakes my usual batch... roughly 1.3 - 1.5kg each I think... then it'd rise nicely and would have a nice height to the cake... my gift for the girls...

2. For the fourth cake... I'd surprise Amy and all three birthday girls with something sweet and spectacular just like them! fondant ... sweet and simple.. flowers... pastels... pink... blue..

So over the weekend I baked not one, not two... but four (muahahahaha - Count Dracula from Sesame Street style)...

So here they are peeps:

For Princess Alya:
For Princess Aina:
For Princess Aini:

Jeng jeng jeng.... Aunty Anor's birthday present for the girls...

Enjoy the pictures peeps!

Emir was also invited to the birthday party ... but he had an upset tummy ... and so we had to leave early... but am glad to meet my girlfriends; Amy, Lenny and Lyn (and her boy Adyan)... while wishing the others - Sal, Azra and Eton were here too... I miss my girlfriends... we get together gether soon k. Hugs and Kisses.


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