Jan 31, 2010

AFTER valentine's day - CAN

Dear peeps...

Love is in the air... la la la la...

I have had a few asking for MyCupcakes to celebrate their Valentine's day... but am sorry that I have to decline and would be unable to take your orders for the same... I know I know.. valentine cupcakes now are somewhat synonymous with the celebration and a part of the big day ... but I have made a promise to a close friend of mine, Puan Aimie that I would bake and deco for her daughter and her nieces... four (4) bday cakes for that day (14.2.2010) and prior to that day on (13.2.2010) I have a wonderful birthday cake project for little LEO and little DANISH.

So with a heavy heart I would say that for valentine's day celebration... there would be NO taking orders for pick up(s) on 13 - 14.2.2010.... but AFTER Valentine's day... can =)

After all every day hik hik hik.. should always be treated like it's a Valentine's day... well, that's just me....

Take note ok peeps... AFTER valentine's day... CAN =)

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