Jan 31, 2010

2 separate orders for one bday boy

Kak Adlin initially left a msg on MyCupcakes' chatbox asking whether I can bake her a strawberry cake but later on decided that she wants strawberry cupcakes instead. I do love trying out new recipes and I do intend to add more to my currently limited to vanilla and choc cake/cupcakes' recipe. It's just that I couldnt find the time... but when an order requires you to do so.. you find the time and yippee yea yea... I made my first batch of strawberry cupcakes... =)

Kak Adlin also requested some specific wordings. She also asked for some suggestions on the strawberry cupcakes so I suggested to add some real strawberries and she said ok.

So here they are peeps:

Sixteen (16) pieces of strawberry cupcakes
topped with vanilla buttercream
topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberry

At the same time, I got another SMS from Esty wanting twenty (25) cupcakes - but for a different date (but later on it was decided that both orders will be picked up on the same day). So I told Esty that Kak Adlin (her sis in law) also ordered from me for Yussarovie's (the bday boy). Esty said it's ok and then.. "Let him shower in cupcakes" hahaha

So here is Esty's order for her brother:

Twenty (25) pieces of Vanilla cupcakes
with vanilla buttercream frosting

Thank Esty and Kak Adlin for the order.
Bang Yussarovie - happy bday!
Hope the cupcakes made your birthday even more special... especially when you are surrounded by your family members who obviously... obviously loves you lots!


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