Jan 24, 2010

Deepest condolences to the family of the late Ms Irene Lim

A sad entry on this rainy monday morning.

Justin and I had a series of e-mail correspondences with regards to MyCupcakes' wedding doorgift for his upcoming wedding with Ellen this coming 11.2.2010. It was a 250 pieces of cupcakes with top full fondant and that the theme is to be of flowers/butterflies and in pastels. I love this kind of order and was looking forward to being part of their big day.

But the fact that both Justin and Ellen are working abroad in New Zealand, the arrangement was for Ellen's mom to come over to my place to place some deposit (I require a 50% deposit for big orders) and Justin gave me Ellen's mom Hp No. I saved her no in MyCupcakes' phone as Ellen's mom. The thought did occur to me that how would I address her in case she decides to call right? So I e-mailed Justin asking him of her name and he said it was Irene Lim.

Justin also told me that she works around Petra Jaya and this would make it easy for her to find my house.

Yesterday, Saturday (23.1.2010), my husband's cousin's wife (Kak Daydet)(who works for a corporation located in PetraJaya) put up a post on her facebook entry informing that Ms Irene Lim has passed away last Friday. Immediately I replied to her post asking whether this is the one and the same Irene Lim who as a daughter named Ellen working abroad in New Zealand. Kak Daydet said yes. An dreaded answer which I knew was forthcoming.

How said it must feel for the family and especially Justin and Ellen that she left in the midst of their upcoming wedding. So I sent an email to Justin expressing how sorry I felt for him, Ellen and the whole family. I lost my mother 7 years ago ... and I still remember how hurtful it was like it was just yesterday.

I may not know her personally but I came to know of her and was even expecting her call/her to come over to my place some time next week..

Justin was apologetic when informing me that the wedding has been cancelled and I told him that I totally understand and that he shouldnt be worried about it.

Again, my deepest condolences to the family of the late Ms Irene Lim for their loss. May you be strong during period of deepest sorrow.

Regards and Sincerely


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