Dec 6, 2009

The story of Two cakes

Kak Adlin Yusnita left a message in MyCupcakes' chatbox and later emailed me asking whether I can bake and deco a cake and that the deco is to include an edible image of Dora the Explorer and pictures of her two daughters and gave me a sample for me to refer and work on. The pick up was supposed to be on Sun @ 6.12.2009 @ 2pm-ish.

The funny thing was Kak Adlin is apparently my good ol fren's sister in law. I have lost contact with that friend of mine, Esty (She told me that the last time we met was ages ago and that was.. in front of a public toilet in SIBU... of all the places in the world and both of us are staying... very nearby I might add so... in Kuching!) and she ordered a birthday cake for her sister in law and the pick up is earlier than Kak Adlin's order. She even told me to put her name as EMY in MyCupcakes' blog as it is meant to be a surprise bday cake for her... so the funny this one! Plus I get the chance to meet my friend after all this while...

Remember MyCupcakes' very first .. two (2) cake order by my sister's colleague.. Let me refresh your mind... do refer to this entry k:

Esty wanted the basket of flowers on top of the cake and the sides are to be made colourful.. basically a combination of both deco. So here it is:

9" Choc chiffon cake


sty told me that the whole family was happy with the cake... and Esty's mom (whom I have come to know since I was a kid) told her that she has never seen such a pretty and colourful cake .... kwang kwang.. that is always definitely a good sign! Am happy!

So here it is, Esty's surprise bday cake for Kak Adlin:

Happy bday Kak Adlin!


This is the cake for Kak Adlin's daughter:

9" Choc chiffon

cake RM65

Add RM35 - Edible image (with own picture edited on the same)

Enjoy the pictures peeps! Had a blast doin this... I am so happy that I have ventured into BIGCAKES! Let us see what I can come up with next ok!

Till then... tuuu deeeluuuuu....



adlin said...

anor, memang puas hati dengan design dan kesedapan kek yang anor buat. anak akak paling excited. next time boleh oder lagi

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