Dec 6, 2009

Bday cake for MARWA ordered by Hasni

Hassni, who happens to be Kak Irma's (Erwin's cousin's wife) friend... who found out about my work from Kak Irma's facebook initially wanted to order 40 of MyCupcakes for her 8 year old daughter, MARWA's bday party. But later on ordered a bday cake for her too. I gave her an idea of how the cake would be and gave her a quote and she said ok and ... here it is peeps:

9" round pan buttercake
The frosted cake prior to assembly of all the fondant deco I did...
vanilla cake with fresh cream and peaches as filling
topped with vanilla buttercream frosting
decorated with fondant deco
The cake is RM70
For the above 2-D fondant deco starting from RM15
(Fondant deco charges is subject to request/difficulty of requests)

These are her 40 cupcakes (specifically requested) :

Hasni wanted the BEN10 cupcakes for the boys and the rest are for the girls...

Enjoy the pictures!
I loved how my bday cake turned out!
Thanks Hasni for the order.



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