Dec 8, 2009

Give aways

Whenever I attend to my orders... I would normally make it a practice to bake more that the no of cupcakes ordered... as a contingency plan.. you know, just in case my son wants a cupcake... my bro wants one... my sis wants one... (Joking la peeps...) but the most important bit would be to ensure that I will always have enough ... you must always be prepared right...

In any event, the surplus then would always be put to good use. As give aways.... in this case, Erwin brought cupcakes in a box of 6 to his office and my sister brought 4 for her colleagues respectively. The other 4 was given to a good friend of mine, E. Narisa and husband F Nazri V and for their little one Qaisara Khadijah. Due to our schedules and the fact that only and only when I attend court then only I'd be able to meet up with her and so this time around I thought it'd be nice to give her some.

Here they are:

I love give aways... I love having MyCupcakes coz ... I can always give personalised decorated cupcakes to family and loved ones and the good thing about it is ... that no cupcake shall go to waste ya!

Till then
Take care peeps


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