Aug 3, 2009


Hi peeps jeng jeng jeng... MyCupcakes are doing CAKES muahahahaha.... not one but two muahahhaha

Hehehe... had quite an experience baking BIG CAKES eh! Ok, as per my previous entry, my sister told me her colleagues would like one big cake to celebrate both a birthday and a celebration of getting APC ("Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang"). Told my sister that I can only two (2) mini cakes since I only have one tiny mini little oven that I use for baking MyCupcakes.

So I baked two (2) chocolate cakes and apparently there is a difference in the taste and texture of the cake if you were to use vegetable oil instead of butter. If you use vegetable oil in the batter, the cake is known as chiffon cake. Did you know that? I didn't. Well, you learn something new every day!

I had a vision of one (1) cake in yellow based topping with the HAZARDOUS or DANGER sign - the one we always see in hospitals and thought that that would be apt for their occasion doing what they do. And that the other cake would be wholly covered with fondant and to have a RETRO look.

Ok, I baked and was quite happy with the taste and so did the rest of my family members...but that's just us... the actual test would be my customer's comments of course!

And so much for how I envisioned my cakes to be, the deco then turned out wholly different from how I imagined them. I tried to ply my fondant with all my might, but the texture didn't come out right. They make covering a whole cake with fondant look so easy in YouTUBE! Am seriously thinking of joining a class for this.

To all my fellow baker friends out there, I salute thee!!! Decorating one whole big cake is not easy!!! Let alone decorating TWO (2) CAKES for the first time!!!

My dear peeps-cupcakes love, I just don't understand why ideas wouldn't come and visit me during reasonable hour of the day but would come around midnight onwards when all the world is asleep ... Imagine me alone in my kitchen armed with my piping bag and tick tock tick tock staring at my two (2) cakes which I have only lathered with the first layer of buttercream...

1 am - Emir woke up crying and won't sleep unless I am with him... and finally, while soothing him to sleep, ideas came to my head - do-able (considering the time) and quite pretty ideas to do!

Plus prior to that I told my sister when I was up with sugar and fondant up to my elbow that I could NOT deco a wholly covered cake with fondant for her as I planned earlier, she told me "Just make them a happy looking cake!". That I suppose was the poignant eureka moment for my cake decorating! Bearing in mind it was already pass 1 am!

Sorry for the long entry peeps, am just excited decorating CAKES for the first time, TWO at one time mind you.

So here they are (1 KG Choc chiffon cake and 1 KG chocolate cake (based on MyCupcakes' recipe for Choc cupcakes). Both are topped and decorated with Vanilla buttercream frosting. With the decoration - I psyched myself that it is similar like cupcakes but Bigger!!!

My sister told me that one comment I got from her colleagues was that, they were happy with the taste especially the choc chiffon cake and in my zealous-ness of wanting to make the best first time effort at decorating MyCakes, the height of my buttercream topping (the one decorated with a basket of flower - my all time favorite deco!) was almost as high as the cake itself hahahaaa... well, you learn and have lots more to improve right?!! You learn and you learn...

Enjoy the pictures and do tell and comment k:

1 kg chocolate cake (based on MyCupcakes' choc cupcake recipe)

Size: 7" x 7"

Very the festive colours. Me like-y!
Didnt quite know how to charge for this, but after looking around at major bakery shops, so I basically charge the above quite a reasonable price for the above.

RM25 per 1/2 kg (inclusive of buttercream decoration)

1 kg chiffon chocolate cake (It uses vegetable oil instead of butter)

My FAV deco of all time - a basket of flowers. Me like-y!
Didnt quite know how to charge for this, but after looking around at major bakery shops, so I basically charge the above quite a reasonable price for the above.

RM25 per 1/2 kg (inclusive of buttercream decoration)

Size: 7" x 7"

But what with my enthusiasm to cover the whole cake, I think now the cake weighs 2 kg hahahha

MyCupcakes first attempt at baking and decorating not one.. but TWO cakes!!
What do you guys think?

My sister and her colleagues also ordered eleven (11) pieces of MyCupcakes and to be packed individually and to write the name of those who are celebrating their birthdays and the APC award respectively. Later one (1) more was added to be given to ANIS.

It was quite an interesting experience people!

K peeps, do take care!


f.i.e.z.a said...

kacak!!!! esp nok berbakol ya.kejawak jak upanya.hehe..
sikda gago g taka gik tok.dah ada ktk nak.hehe

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