Nov 16, 2009


As we approached our house, a car (unknown to us) was driving out of our porch - most probably somebody reversing their car... but as we parked our car (we just got back from the airport sending Erwin off to Sibu and Emir was asleep in my arms)... a guy came out and asked my sister "Tok rumah orang molah cupcakes ka?" (Is this the correct address for Anor - who bakes cupcakes?)... and so my sister said: "Yes, my sister". First thought that came to mind ... Adoh!! Did I forget a pickup?

So I asked him... how did he know of our address? This because usually MyCupcakes' would first get either an SMS or email with regards to ordering and once payment has been made/confirmed then only we would provide our home address for pick up at the agreed time.

Apparently, the address was given to them by Kak Tuty's mom who came to pick up the cupcakes for Zara's bday. Kak Tuty was in KL at the time so the pick up was made on her behalf by her mom and the only info she could provide was our address... which gave me quite a heart attack...

They later wanted to order for a combined bday party for Yasmin and Abby for the coming Sun and apparently just found out that I have a blog. I told them to go and have a look and if there is anything they like, they could always SMS me...

Till then peeps.. just something to share on this rainy day @ 16.11.2009


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