Nov 16, 2009

Christy's order

Christy ordered nine (9) pieces of MyCupcakes with specific orders for decoration. Apparently this is her second time ordering from me and I was planning to say NO again to to her cause she only told my sister that she wanted FONDANT deco On Wed and wanted to pick them up on Friday... headache headache... Too short notice for fondant...

Note peeps: Please please.. give me ample time to do your fondant deco k... they do take time to dry...

So kesian, so I said yes and I prayed hard (and also asked Christy to do the same) that it would be bright and sunny and hot and warm day so that my fondant will dry in time...

And alhamdulillah.. they did! Usually, the arrangement would be for my sis to bring to her work place and pass them to her colleagues but this time around my sis was in Sibu and so since that morning the fondant were slightly wet still.... we made the arrangement for Christy to come and pick up that afternoon... and look and behold they have dried completely ... except for that one tiny heart... still slight wet... and yeay! Christy got her order! Happy happy!

So here they are peeps:

Thanks Christy for the order!
2 MU Edible image
6 cigarettes
b**bs (She had a good laugh when I said her colleagues just loves to order and make me do this! blush blush)

Anyways, Enjoy the pictures!


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