Nov 17, 2009

All the best for SPM 90

Kak Irma ordered twelve (12) pieces of MyCupcakes for her daughter Azreen who is going to sit for her SPM paper starting 18.11.2009 and wanted that the theme is to inspire and to wish Azreen all the best for her papers. They were meant to be a surprise.. awww so sweet la kak irma...

After my late mom passed away, her responsibilities heavy as they were fell upon my shoulders being the eldest of the lot and I do understand the anxiety the parents are feeling for and on behalf of their children. My son is only 1yr8m and I would be happy enough if he could just express his needs instead of throwing tantrums, if you know what I mean. I think I would be content enough if he would just grow up to be a good person with a good sense and judgment and be good to others and of course be pious as that is indeed the very pillar which makes a man... a man...

Well, enough rambling... I do get carried away when I talk about kids now that I am a mummy myself.

In the mean time, here they are:

Enjoy the pictures.
Thanks Kak Irma for your order and your continuous support!

Note: Boh terkejut mun one fine day me Erwin and Emir will show up with vanilla cupcakes with fresh cream for you... tuuu deee luuuuu....


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