Nov 17, 2009

Excitement ahead

Hi peeps...

December is just around the corner and uuuuu I have so much plans... and I do hope that I'd be able to realise some of the plans which I have been talking about for ages ... wherein time has yet to permit me to do the same..

I've got a wonderful "sparkly" ting-a-ling-a-ling feeling kinda of project this coming weekend for Yasmin and Abby... my 2 tier fondant wedding cake for Ju is coming up at end of this month... Next month's Zyzy's wedding cake... I just love this kind of projects! Keep me on my toes and the challenges of giving my customers want they want and how they would want their cakes and cupcakes to look like for their events and functions... the time and effort spent on the cakes and cupcakes are so worth it once the you see the end result before your very eyes... priceless!

Which is exactly why sometimes I get so impatient with my decorating (Well, Erwin pointed that one out)... I want to see the end result and just cant wait to see the reaction on my customers' faces!

Anyways, this morning I went to check the goin-ons in my facebook (Do add me peeps, vide my email: ... if you like - I'd be happy to add you to my list of friends..)... and I had the most wonderful news... which I will share with you... but then you have to be patient... you have to wait until either the 21 or the 22 of this coming month k... cause I have to wait that long too hahhaa

I need to find time to update my blog and finalise all the new items/pricing/details of cakes like... weight/deco/fillings etc.... in my BIG CAKE menu... truthfully speaking never in my wildest dream that I'd be venturing into BIG CAKES cause I was so intimated with baking and decorating them.. with cupcakes I could evenly distribute my feelings to each and every single one I bake.. but to pour your heart and soul into ONE BIG CAKE... Phieeww... that's a whole lotta of commitments there peeps... but happy to say I am over that anxiety now... in fact looking forward to baking and decorating BIG CAKES.... I hope I'll get so much better at this that I can do this with my eyes closed hehehe.. so the drama ya...

Well, just some update on the goin on of MyCupcakes' developments to date.. ish ... sounds like a newsletter indah there hahaha.

Take care peeps
Thanks for all your supports... will try my best to keep this hip chic and happening... yippeaa yea yea

Kch Swk


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