Nov 21, 2009

MU and First Delivery

Adelia all the way from Miri requested for thirty (30) (Later added 2 more) pieces of MyCupcakes as surprise birthday cupcakes for SUFRI and yup peeps.. this is our first official delivery.

Kinda of exciting and it was over the weekend so we thought it'd be nice to give this fellow a suprise and not to tell him who the sender was!

Here they are:

The designs are as per picture provided by Adelia vide email.
Thanks Adelia for the order!


Had to cancel the Sunday delivery as SUFRI was not around (due to his working schedule) and we had to send the cupcakes the day after ie Monday (working day) at night. Plus finding the place at night is no easy feat... So based on this experience, in the event we decide to do delivery it will only be done on Sundays (no changes to delivery date or time) and charges shall applies accordingly.

We were already standing in front of his apartment and knocked on his door but ... unfortunately he was not home at the time ... so I had to call him up to inform him of the delivery (he still doesnt know who they are from) and so he asked us to wait for awhile... It would have been a much better surprise if he were at home dont you think?

Anyways, this was our first delivery and gave us a lot to consider should we decide to accept any request for further delivery(ies).


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