Nov 7, 2009


When Aizat sent me a private msg vide fb.... he attached this:

He asked whether I can do this and I said Yes!

The cake is soooo lovely and my hats to for doing such a fantastic job and would love to give it a try of course!

Excitement excitement...

When it comes to decorating cakes... I am impatient like that... I want to see the end result.. like yesterday.. if you know what I mean... ;)

The pick up would be for Aizat's bday party on 8.11.2009.

Chronology of events:

What I did on:

6.11.2009 - made one batch of cake and happily dividing them into 5 portions to be colour-ed accordingly.... but later it did not rise as high as I wanted them to be... I usually do my baking at night once my son has gone to bed (tonight he was rather in a playful mode and he didnt want to go to sleep... - and so I started baking quite late - which means.. no early beauty sleep for me). I wanted my cakes to ready the day before so that they can rest in the fridge and makes it easier to decorate. So I just baked all the batches (for own makan-makan later) that I have done and decided to bake a bigger batch... look and behold of all the nights, NOT to have my stock of self-raising flour and Eggs!!! and yes... it's almost midnight!!! I even asked my bro to go to 7-11 to go and check whether they have some... but sadly there was none... and so what to do.... I slept...

When this happens I would be very angry at myself because I know that I am that efficient when it comes to stocking up my baking stuff... but later on it was a good thing (Things happen for a reason ya) cause I would need my rest that night for a long long day tomorrow....

7.11.2009 - When I bake over the weekend, my loving and supportive hubby would take care of little Emir... and it just so happen this week he had work to do and was not at home... luckily my sister was home to babysit Emir... Remember I didnt have any flour nor eggs? Around 9-30ish, am I went to Choice Supermall and got all my baking stuff... and by the time I got home it was already 10 something... After giving Emir his bath .... I started baking... and it was already 11am!!!

I finished around 6pm... phiieeww that is the longest time i have spent baking... and now my back and neck is killing me...

Within that span of time.. my mind was furiously guarding the cake.. while playing with Emir... watching tv... washing the dishes... having my lunch.... and while waiting for the cakes to cool down.. I also manage to deco twenty (20) pieces of MyCupcakes (simple deco as requested) for Florence Lau. Her order was meant to be on Sunday but she requested for it to be earlier and so since I thought I could manage despite the baking.. so I completed the deco for her pick up later that evening.

I am very good at multi tasking.

Last Friday, I baked two (2) pans of cheese cake for my friend Mas and an order by Dyg for her husband (who happens to be my friend). I was not really happy how it turned out for Mas so I decided to bake another one... yup all in the same day!

When I am determined to finish my baking and decorating... I am THAT determined!

When I bake and deco, I cannot do it half way and continue some other time.. it'll bug me and I dont like un-finished business... Imagine baking from 11am to 6pm... on top of that decorating ............ If time and my strength permits I would have went straight ahead with my cake decorating... but I manage to have sense to wait for the cake to cool down and... will see about it later tonight.. or early morning..

Will update you soonest on the outcome!

Oh ya, I've got thirty five (35) pieces of MyCupcakes to go with the cake! and I like Aizat's request and I do hope they will turn out as lovely as the original masterpiece. Surprise surprise!


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