Nov 7, 2009

Order by Marie

Marie ordered sixteen (16) pieces of MyCupcakes to be given to her husband as bday cupcakes and requested the following:

Four (4) MU Edible images

Two (2) with heart fondant deco

Two (2) Patrick fondant deco
I loved how my first attempt at making Patrick fondant turned out. Not bad. Marie did ask me about the pants but there's not enough space for one cupcake and I thought of doing the pants and placed it on another cupcake but then it'd be better to have two (2) Patrick then ...

Four (4) to have writings on them

One (1) fondant baby bootie

One (1) fondant milk bottle

One (1) fondant ribbon

One (1) fondant baby pacifier

Note: (will put up more pics - their still in Erwin's laptop)

Enjoy the pic!
Thanks Marie for the order!


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