Nov 1, 2009

MyCupcakes' trip to CAKE CONNECTION and ICCA Damansara

My youngest brother's convocation was on the 27.10.2009 at UiTM and so apart from that function and a speedy gonzales' style holiday-ing in KL for myself, Erwin, Emir and my sister... I made plans to go to some of the baking stores which I to date was only able to "see" online... and the plan was for me to go to CAKE CONNECTION ( and ICCA ( with Erwin and Emir (Can you imagine how that would have been.... me running around in the shop trying to catch Emir and then I couldnt stop him in time and he grabbed all those lovely flowers at Cake Connection and they all come tumbling down and crash ... pecah... bom bom pow.... (*shake that pic of my head*)..)

So, when I told this plan to my friend Ira, she said she'd take me to these places.... and so here are some of pics taken of the trip...

First attempt at taking pic of the both of us in front of the building with the ICCA Logo... couldnt get the right angle coz there was a van parked in front of the building.

2nd attempt - just the two of us and NO logo hahaha

3rd attempt.. ok .. not bad...

Fourth attempt.... just nice....

I have the Wilton Anniversary Magazine Year 2009 and basically ICCA has almost all of the items listed in the same. I didnt know what to get there coz there were SOOOOO many things and you are spoilt for choices so just got myself one (1) packet of dowels and one (1) tub of gum-tex and that was it ... I think I've spent all my shopping energy at Cake Connection and just wanted to see ICCA...

(But according to my friend Hani, some of the items can also be obtained at Bake with Yen and they are so much cheaper - next trip, Insya Allah I'd like to go and check out the place).

Some pictures taken at ICCA:

Enjoy the lovely pictures

Note: I forgot to take pictures at Cake Connection coz I had cake thoughts and cake thoughts only .... As I said in my previous entry I went flower crazy...

Had a fun time!


Zyzy said...

kak anor..geram mek nangga those lovely!

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