Nov 1, 2009

MyCupcakes' FIRST OFFICIAL Wedding cake consultation

huuu haaaa...

see the heading there... so exciting peeps!

Remember Ju? Who wanted a 2 tier fondant wedding cake for her big day and wants lil ol me to do it for her... am honoured... given this opportunity to do this... and of course would want to do the best for Ju and for myself of course.... In actual truth, I cant wait for the day to come to see the final result! Till then I'd have cake thoughts and cake thoughts and cake thoughts.... until I have delivered to both Ju and Zyzy (end of DEC)...

Last end month, I went to KL for my brother's convocation at uitm (for further story do visit my personal blog ) and took the opportunity to go to CAKE CONNECTION where they have the most splendid and beautifully ready made flowers.... I forgot to take pics of the place cause I had cake thoughts thinking and imagining and constructing how the cake would be. I also bought some flowers for Zyzy and just had to buy some for myself. (I told Ju even if she decided to have someone else do her wedding cake, it is just fine by me and I'd just keep the flowers all for myself coz they're so lovely hahaha). I went flower crazy there! KL is such a wonderful place for baking stuff... so much choices unlike here in Kuching sadly...

My friend Ira was kind enough to spend some time bringing me to this place and ICCA in our mini baking trip). Thanks again Ira!

I came back to Kuching last wed (28.10.2009) and Ju told me she wanted to see me and have some cake discussion and to pay me the deposit and so MyCupcakes' FIRST OFFICIAL Wedding cake consultation was done at our humble abode on Sat (31.10.2009) @ 5pm-ish. Ju came with her other half and her two cousins. I had cupcakes order for the day so of course they were served with some =)

I showed Ju the flowers I got for her (shall unveil the same once the flowers are assembled unto the cake! surprise surprise) and told her how I imagined them to be and whether she is ok with that design... I bought a new book which made it easier for me to show her how I envisioned her cake to be...

When I was in KL, i went to delectable by su (a shop at the Gardens mall - next to the Robinsons Store) and she had this such quaint and nice set up and how I wish I have similar set up and setting and I imagined that....Ju, her other half and two cousins and I would be sitting down at this nice shop having our cake talk.... dreamily...

As I have said before, cupcakes and cakes are two different things altogether but the effort and energy put into making them beautiful does not in any way differ! The satisfaction of seeing your creation is... indeed PRICELESS!!

So, despite the anxiety (you know the feeling where you are about to enter the hall to sit for your final exam - that is how it feels for me - the closest description I can give you)... I am looking forward to this challenge and Insya Allah, it will be beautiful for Ju's special day!

Will keep you posted peeps!



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