Nov 9, 2009


Hi peeps... here it is: MyCupcakes' first and very own RAINBOW CAKE!!!! Ta daaaaa...

Note: Kindly refer to Earlier entry:

Pic Courtesy of Aizat's friend/Syeeza Liana (vide fb)

Pic Courtesy of Aizat's friend/CT Khadijah (vd fb)

This is my fav pic - can you see the wonderful layers of colours there!!
Atta boy.... careful careful...


I am still waiting for pictures from Aizat. I specifically told him to give me pictures of the cake cause you can only see the multi layered colours once you have cut the cake .... so in due time will put more pics! Aizat pictures pls!

I am SO HAPPY with this cake and am glad that Aizat ordered this from me.

This would be a new addition to my CAKE menu... (Gosh I have to take some time to update my blog with new items on the menu now that I have started baking BIG CAKES... - in any event, you can just text me or email me for further info and consultation just in case you couldnt find what you are looking for in the blog k)

Here it is peeps... more pics of MyCupcakes' first and very own RAINBOW CAKE for Aizat's 16th bday!

Six (6) layers of multi-coloured vanilla cake with fresh cream filling:

Height of the RAINBOW cake... almost 8"

Top of cake... covered with fresh cream... wording done with vanilla buttercream (orange as requested by Aizat)

Half way thru peeps.... fresh cream....

RAINBOW CAKE resting in my mini fridge..


(Will put up pictures later of each individual layer on the scale prior to assembly - so basically you can gauge how much this cake weighs)

All in all, it was a good... tiring yes, but satisfying experience after seeing the end result.

I am happy and proud that I made this! Happy bday Aizat!

You be a good boy now k... which I know you are =)


Aunty Anor/Kak Anor


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