Oct 12, 2009


This is a long overdue entry.

A good ol fren who is an expert of the stars and the universe, Mr Kukulkan @ Ismandy ordered TEN (10) pieces of MyCupcakes during hari raya to be given away as gifts to his guests... and pick up was suppose to be the night of 1st of Syawal.

He requested for the planet SATURN and of course I made some research on this and found out how it looked like and the colours involved... According to Mr Kukulkan, most planets have their own rings surrounding them but the most pre-dominant ring would be around SATURN... Well, you learn something new... and according to him, there are also various colours for the planet... but i got it correct =).. am proud of myself =)

Unfortunately due to the congested lines during this time, neither of our messages went through - so basically I was waiting for him and he was waiting for me to reply to his sms (which I already did)(and later one we found out that he only received them waaaaay later that night after pick up....).

Nonetheless here they are:

Enjoy the pictures!


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