Oct 14, 2009


The word denotes many things... outstanding work... or work which have been left outstanding for quite some times... adoohh.. ive got so many entries to do... will attend to that soonest once my project to experiment making a 2 tier fondant cake realise by this week...

Initially I did not want to take any orders so I can attend to both - updating my blog and concentrating on my first trial. But when Atul said she wanted to order 10 pieces... I just dont have the heart to say no and besides this was her first order and so I said yes.... At the same time my sister told me that her colleague wanted my choc chiffon as a birthday cake... and this is the first time i have ever made a birthday cake... so was looking forward to that... so i said yes... and when Razmee said that he wanted to give his mother's surprise cuppies... i was like.. auuuww so sweet and I said yes also... susahlah ... I am so sentimental when it comes to MyCupcakes and my customers... and their requests... oh ya, and Haida who wanted to order from me since last September ordered for her son's bday this coming friday.... how can i so no.. you tell me

But the two (2) cakes are ready.... waiting for me in my fridge ..... so tonight, will layer the cakes with fresh cream to get the height that I would want for the cakes....... i need to be well prepared both mentally and emotionally and physically hahaha (so the drama)... coz my first attempt wasnt so succesful, but insya allah this time hopefully it will work out

I promise both Jun and Zyzy that I would do this for them. To see whether I can do this for them....

and yup! I do need to attend a formal cake decorating class... soooooonnnneesssstt.....
like when laaa.... i so want to go to ICCA or CakeConnection ......... pray peeps that I can arrange both time and finance to go...
I want to go.... wawawawa

Emir would say: "Ekot"... (Ikut - I want to follow also)


But Of course I do aspire that all my work will be OUTSTANDING right?!!


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