Oct 11, 2009


Hi Peeps

I am going into cakes.. BIG cakes now believe it or not... courtesy of my sis and her colleagues...

This is their second time ordering from me my CHOC Chiffon cake and that their request is for me to write KESEJAHTERAAN BERSAMA (So the formal that one.. had a good laugh when my sister told me about this) and that the deco is up to my discretion

The construction of the cake:

First layer of fresh cream and peaches

Second layer of fresh cream

The final product and do enjoy the pictures:

FYI, I Charge RM95 for the above said (inclusive of fondant deco)
Note: price might vary subject to difficulty of requests and such... but the price above includes:

9" Choc chiffon cake
(1.5 KG - weight of cake only... if you add the buttercream and fresh cream... it's more! - forgot to weigh the final product aiyaaa)

layered with 2 layers of fresh cream and peaches
topped with vanilla buttercream frosting
decorated with fondant roses and butterflies

Note: I luuurrve decorating...... and I luurve... my basket weave design.... should i make this my signature deco?


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