Oct 22, 2009

Cupcakes for James

Remember Fiena peeps from my previous entry? Well, this time around she needs some lovely lovey lovey cupcakes from MyCupcakes to be given to her fiancee.... she gave some details that led to the following decoration.

She wanted 24 pieces of MyCupcakes to be individually packed into flat lit ind plastic packaging so it would be easier for her to carry all the way to KL. But the thing is I had to use a Med size cupcakes liner as to ensure that the deco is not ruined by the lid.

They both have blue coloured flush toy elephant:

Fiena calls him either Bear or Oppa:

Fiena's fiance loves Volkswagen:

And the lovey lovey part extreme would be a BEAR over the moon....

Thanks again Fiena for the order and enjoy the pictures!!


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