Oct 22, 2009


When Zyzy first asked me whether I'd like the opportunity to make her a 2 tier fondant wedding cake for her wedding at end of this coming Dec and I was thrilled with the chance to do this and I was calm and my cake thoughts were collected cause I know I had time to practice until.... I got an email from Jun asking me to do this for her... for this coming end of Nov!!!

So I had to find time to practice and this is the result of my first attempt at trying to cover a whole cake with fondant:

Note: the flowers are ready made

It is first and foremost not an easy task bearing in mind that I have no formal training and that this is my first attempt!

I learnt a few things after the trial by asking my friend Ira about figuring out why certain things happened to my fondant cake and she told me that it is normal to go through several "disasters" first and that it take practice before you can actually get a really smooth fondant cake surface. At least this gave me more strength and boost to try again...

So when I sent the pic to Jun and later on had a talk with her, I told her I am going to do another trial to build my confidence for the actual event cake day. I repeatedly asked Jun whether she would want a 3 tier buttercream cake instead (like the one I did for Atikah)... but she knows what she wants.. the bride wants a 2 tier fondant cake... and that it is meant to be a gift from her cousin ... so what the bride wants the bride gets right? After all this is her special day ya!

Despite telling her my experience with the cake, she still want lil amateur me to do her wedding cake... as I said I am thrilled with the chance but scared silly about doing it!

So I told her that since I am going to KL and plan to go to one of those baking shops to buy those wonderful (but price-y) ready made flowers then will work out a quote based on her budget and... that's it peeps... am doing a 2 tier fondant cake as requested by our bride to be JUN.

Do pray peeps that my second attempt will be much better!

Will update you of course!


Anonymous said...

hi,..kitak ada sik molah kursus molah cupcake covered with fondant?..


My Cupcakes by Anor (Kuching Sarawak) said...

Hi Cath (Kch)

Hi, sorry Cath, xda kmk molah kursus fondant, belum cukup ilmu di dada nak molah kursus k other people, nok kek atas tok pun kmk experiment on my own

Anyways thanks for visiting my blog k


Anonymous said...

oo..okeh..tp ur fondant nice & cute,..ready made or ktk molah dirik mpun kah?..siney ktk belajar molah fondant?..actually kmk slalu molah cupcake utk charity,..bukan utk dijual..tp sik pande molah covered with fondant..mun sapa2 dpt nolong ngajar,..terima kasih byk2..tuhan ja dpt mbalas.


My Cupcakes by Anor (Kuching Sarawak) said...

hi cath

kmk belajar dirikpun and trial and error juak.. but kmk ada attend kelas kak shanti, ktk boleh pg blognya:



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