Aug 19, 2009

Three combo request by Yasmine Ghazali

My niece Yasmine ordered for herself six (6) pieces of MyCupcakes with a Sesame Street themed and two more orders on behalf of her friends. Six (6) pieces to have a bikini design and the other six (6) to write I HEART YOU on MyCupcakes.

So here they are:

I loved how my ELMO and COOKIE MONSTER turned out.
Fyi, that's my son's TIGER Milk cookie inside the Cookie Monster's mouth hahaha

Erwin told me that our son Emir IS the COOKIE MONSTER hahaha... SO TRUE!

Cause one of the words he can say now is "... ku...kie" (cookie) and he goes around the house

chanting the word and once, even said ".. ku... kie" in his sleep.. all dreamily looking... haha



Enjoy the pictures!


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