Aug 20, 2009


Hi peeps...

Ok, remember my first attempt at baking CAKES and baked two (2) at one time (gosh what was I thinking then?) but alhamdulillah, they turned out ok ... and there are of course room for improvements!

I was happy with my two (2) cakes and so when my in laws decided to open up a kedai makan, we baked them one cake and decorated the same with their signature colour and name and this time around it was decorated using fresh cream and it was our first time making fresh cream and it turned out delicious!! Alhamdulillah.

The two events were enough to make us more daring in venturing into decorative cakes and has become less intimdated with BIG CAKES and would love to be better at this!

My son IS SO lucky that mummy can bake hahahha.. I can already imagine baking for all of his future school functions ... Insya Allah =)

Look and behold in October peeps, we're going to make our first 3-tier wedding cake! The research we did is un-believeable! Felt like I was doing an assigment during my university years hahaha... There is so much skills and work involved in making a cake yummy and beautiful! I salute my friends who specialises in decorative cakes and if you surf online and look for beautiful cakes out there made in every part and corner of the world, you would know that the ability to deco a cake is endless and is only limited by your imagination!

In Dec, we're doing our first 2-tier wedding cake and one cake for an anniversary. I just got a call from a new customer who wants a customised cake for her kid/s' bday party and that she would like to have a fishing/fish/outdoor (I suppose) themed for the cake. I like these kind of customers, they know exactly what they want for their cakes to suit their preferences and functions and we are just happy to oblige!

I am sooo looking forward to these projects! I would want to make the best looking cake for them that all they want to do is just oooh-aaaahhh over the cakes and NOT eat them hahahha... then I would know I have done a good job!

Do follow our journey and adventures with decorative cakes.

Take care peeps!



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