Aug 27, 2009

Cupcake liners and Souffle cup

MyCupcakes have been using cupcake paper liners ever since we started our mini cupcake adventures...

But then when BAGUS had its clearance sale that day I bought some Souffle cup and just wanted to see how MyCupcakes would look like using a Souffle cup... and how different it would be in terms of decorating the same.

Souffle cup

1. The baking is easier in terms of the HARD edges of the cup/but MyCupcakes finds the round-ness of the cup is too round and that's it... hahaha

Cupcake paper liners

1. MyCupcakes loves the edges

2. Much easier to eat the cupcakes as it is paper liner and easy to peel off =)

So between the two, MyCupcakes will maintain using the cupcake paper liner cause we love them better due to its visual values and how easy it is to eat the cake out of the paper cupcake liner.

Just something to share.

We learn and try to improve in our trade =)

Take care!



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