Aug 31, 2009

Happy 16th birthday Eil Eil

Mira, my sis' colleague's wife and who has become my friend also, ordered nine (9) pieces of MyCupcakes for a 16 year boy.

What does a 16 year old be it boy or girl would want at this time of age?

During my time... haha gosh I feel so ancient to be saying that... things were different of course... during that period of stone henge, we didn't even have handphones back then... when my girlfriends and I gossip-ed, we used the "house" phone hahaha

How would my little Emir be when he turns 16?

Anyhow here they are:

I thought the book and the graduation hat was apt apart the music deco =)
I think he gets the picture.... play hard but study smart too =)
Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks Mira for the order. =)


Mira said...

thanks sis...! :)

My Cupcakes by Anor (Kuching Sarawak) said...

you are welcome mira =)

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