Jun 11, 2009

MyCupcakes Marvel-lous Collection

Finally we had the time to do what Erwin has been wanting to do for ages... MyCupcakes Marvel-lous collection!

MyCupcakes' calendar was free until next Saturday and my sister and brother took Emir out for awhile, so we had a relaxing time decorating MyCupcakes ...

Honestly, for me personally, trying to pipe the exact cartoon characters is difficult to do/even trying to the best of your abilities to capture the actual essence of the cartoon character is hard as it will not turn out as nice as the real authentic ones. Which is why I am quite reluctant/intimidated(?) to do cartoon characters and have decided to leave all the cartoon characters to Erwin.

But Erwin came up with this idea that the characters need not be exactly as the actual characters but we can modify it a bit so that it resembles more to the Japanese' versions of their comical cartoon characters known as "chibi". I like that idea.

So I tried doing "Spiderman" (which is the easiest) and I also did "Cyclops" and "Hulk" (all based on Erwin's drawings)! And they turned out ok! Yeay!

There is still hope for me people with decorating MyCupcakes with cartoon/anime characters!

So, when I have the time, I'll experiment again and will put up pictures of course! In any event, the good thing about baking/decorating MyCupcakes is that you can always eat them up or give them away hahha

Anyways, too much rambling, see if you can identify these characters.If you can identify them, that means Erwin and I had achieved what we set out to do.

MyCupcakes Marvel-lous collection

Enjoy the pictures!

By the way, for these MyCupcakes, they had fillings -
there were peanut butter, choc + cheese, chocolate and cheese -
not bad for a first attempt!


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