Jun 13, 2009

MyCupcakes as Wedding Gift

My friend Rudiah ordered fifteen (15) pieces of MyCupcakes to give to her aunt as a wedding gift and she requested that they are to match her aunt's theme which is white and green.

She was also worried that her kids would want some of MyCupcakes for themselves and decided that she'd give away twelve (12) pieces for her aunty and three for her kids... well MyCupcakes intervened and gave three for her kids... FOC and with pleasure...

For Rudiah's children =)

Here they are:

MyCupcakes as Wedding Gift
All the deco and designs were as requested by Rudiah herself and MyCupcakes is just happy to comply =)

Enjoy the pictures!

Is it just me or there seemed to be a lot of "green" theme going on...


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