May 20, 2009

Teacher's Day cupcakes for Mahadir for his wife, Teacher Nurul

I have known Mahadir since way back in university (since Tahun Alif - I just love this phrase - so funny!)and I just found out that he loves to eat cakes (so there was a bit of pressure there for me).. So when he came and picked up MyCupcakes from my house, I gave him one cupcake without the frosting and he approved! yeay!
He ordered nine (9) pieces of MyCupcakes for his wife Nurul who is a teacher and an English teacher at that too. So I had a double take at my writings on my cupcakes and I was already imagining being reprimanded by Nurul cause I made some spelling errors on MyCupcakes hahaha

So here they are:

Choc cupcakes with vanilla cream frosting
Note that there are ten (10) pieces of MyCupcakes
Logo "Apple" for Mahadir - courtesy of Erwin


zackzara said...

sgt2 cantik. i like the mac apple's deco on that cuppie.

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