May 20, 2009

MyCupcakes for Azlina and now the also "craving" husband =)

Remember Azlina from my previous entry? The seven (7) month heavily pregnant Azlina who was craving for MyCupcakes? She ordered ten (10) more pieces of MyCupcakes and sms-ed me that she would like to have them before her husband leaves for Sabah last tuesday (18/5/2009) cause this time around it was her husband who is Craving for MyCupcakes hahaha... so cute! Azlina told me that her husband is not really a "cake-person", but this time around he liked MyCupcakes so much that he just had to have some before he goes off to Sabah.
I was beaming with proud!

Last time, I made her vanilla cupcakes with choc buttercream frosting and this time around I made choc cupcakes with vanilla frosting!

I need to add more flavours to my menu already... Sigh...

So here they are:

Choc cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting

Sprinkles deco - courtesy of Erwin =)

Good job Emir's daddy!


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