May 20, 2009

Teacher's Day Cupcakes for Kak Tuty's children

Kak Tuty and I made an arrangement for her to come and pick up MyCupcakes For last Mon (17/5/2009) morning @ 7am after she send off her son to school (conveniently the school is just behind my house). She ordered 40 pieces (the most order I've had so far).

I wanted Kak Tuty to be the glamour-est mummy bringing the best looking MyCupcakes for her children's teachers at school and I had so much plans for her cupcakes. I had a vision of her bringing a bouquet of "roses" to school and so I made fondant roses and hearts for her.. but unfortunately sob sob sob.. it didnt dry completely in time... but then I told Erwin since I had already intended to give the "roses" for Kak Tuty, I'll bake some more of MyCupcakes for her and give her the "roses"...

These are the roses I made for Kak Tuty:

I was happy that she was happy with MyCupcakes but I do think that I could've done more for her in that short period of time. Thank goodness for my level-headed/rationale husband telling me that I have done the best that I could and that it was evident from the smile on Kak Tuty's face.

I am SO emotionally involved with MyCupcakes. So the drama.
So here they are:

Sorry for the blurry effect... pictures were taken at 7am...

Choc cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting

Erwin and I made the yellow fondant "book"


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