May 9, 2010


Now, that I have completed CAKE 1 for Ilot's stepmom ie the kebaya fondant cake, it's time to move on to the more challenging task - the sewing machine cake.

Ilot told me that her mom loves to sew and hence the idea of having a sewing machine cake... uuu.. I know it was going to be hard one especially stacking up the top layer of the cake. I could have easily done a 2-D cake... but then the effect wouldnt be as great as having a 3-D cake right?

So here it is peeps, my sewing machine cake.. phieewww ... a lot of time and hardwork went into this... but then again... the satisfaction: priceless!

Happy mother's day to Ilot's mom! Hope you and your family have enjoyed the cake!

The fondant deco made to compliment the cake - buttons, needle (my fav!), scissors, measuring tape ... I had to so much fun doing them! And was even happier seeing them fully assembled!


Actually the above said sewing machine is the SECOND one made... after the FIRST one... after hours spent on it.. toppled down.... the sewing machine cake below was the first one... Learnt a lot from the first one. I had to insert more dowels to make sure that the base would be strong enough to support the other two cakes and I cut off a bit of the top cake so that it wont be so heavy. Alhamdulillah it worked!

Can you spot the differences?

Further note:

Inspired by:

Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful work and inspiring a novice like me with such work.


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