May 9, 2010


My bro in law's fiancee ordered two (2) cakes for Mother's day. One is for her stepmom and the other her mom. I was thrilled when she told me what she had in mind cause I love trying out new projects... to see whether I can do it... and add more to my projects to my CAKES' portfolio ...

Cake 1 :
Ilot told me that she wanted like a "baju" cake or something and immediately the first thought that came to mind was the lovely lovely beautiful KEBAYA cake I have seen online.... Ilot said that her stepmom likes the colour pink.

So here it is peeps; my first attempt at making a KEBAYA fondant cake...

(The above Kebaya cake was inspired by the following:
Thanks to for sharing this beautiful creation with us online and giving a novice like me something to work with)

Anor @ MyCupcakes


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