Apr 4, 2010

Star Wars themed Bday cake for Aqmal

Ewin called me asking whether I could make a birthday cake with star wars themed for 11 year old Aqmal. Initially she requested for an edible image of the same but due to the short notice I said that I wont be able to deliver the same. Then, they came up with a Plan B - So long as there is a star wars themed bday cake, it would be fine.

So initially I made this:

But I was not so happy with how this turned out. It is ok but I know I could do better. So I told my hubby that I need to come up with another design.. my IT-savvy cum tech advisor for MyCupcakes came up with the print out for my Frozen Buttercream Transfer.... and it turned out to be much much better.

I am sure you guys know who this lil green fellow is...

This is my fourth attempt at Frozen Buttercream Transfer ("FBT").

Am happy with this one. (Big smile)

I love the fact that FBT kinda gives it a 2-D look to the design...

Can you see the sugar sparkles?
They are meant to be clusters of universe.

Can you see the dredges?
They are meant to be planets.

The colour blue was meant to denote the colours of the universe... plus I loved how the colours turned out! Very very colourful for an 11 year old.

I just love "rainbows" as borders...

Thanks Win for the order... Happy bday Aqmal!

Kak Anor


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