Apr 4, 2010

Shirt for Hantaran

This was a as a gift for Ms Munira on her engagement day from MyCupcakes.

Thought that it'd be nice to give her something for her big day.

She's a close family friend and her house is just opposite of ours. She is also my sister, cousin and Fieza's BFF... Basically grew up together...

Pictures of the girls: From left - Fieza, Milah, Muni and Jijah
(courtesy of Milah)

Happy engagement day Munira!

We're happy for you!

Kak Nor


I plan to have striped shirt etc etc.. I mean variations to the shirts... maybe a brand name unto the collar... would make nice future projects dont you think?

Note: They do make nice hantaran =)


n i e z a said...

kak nor, kamek suka gilak2 kek shirt ya. kiut ada jak! klak mek tunang or nikah mek order ngan ktk aa. :)

My Cupcakes by Anor (Kuching Sarawak) said...

Hello hello Ms Nieza

kiut owh =) kmk pun suka menar molah tok ariya pake munira...

insya allah for your tunang and nikah, you know where to find me =)

Kak Nor

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