Apr 11, 2010

Hasha 6th Bday @ Q-dees

This is Kak Mila's second order from MyCupcakes.

This order of 50 pieces of MyCupcakes was for Hasha's bday bash at her school @ Q-dees. This time around Kak Mila requested for "HASHA 6TH BDAY @ Q-dees" to be written unto the cupcakes and that they are to be packed individually.

So here they are:

Thanks Kak for the order!
Happy 6th bday Hasha!

Anor @ MyCupcakes

Note: I found out that apparently Kak Mila's husband used to be my senior back at my SRK Merpati Jepang school... sigh... Kuching is such a small world...


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