Apr 11, 2010

Happy Bday Aunty Zairin!

There are many people that you will meet in your lifetime... and there are those special few that you would somehow just connect and become great friends in your life... and one of my dearest friends is Mdm Zairin Azrina Abdul Majid...

I called her up to wish her a happy happy bday and she asked whether I did some baking or not over the weeked... and when I said YES, she said to save her one as her bday cuppy and to have little Emir to mamam (Eat) the cupcake on her behalf... awwww... how I wish that she was here in Kuching instead of Kuala Lumpur... so near yet so far...

So instead of 1... I made her these...

Happy Birthday Aunty Zairin!
We love you lots and lots... "u knoh wot I mean" wink wink.
We miss you dearly!

With love all the way from Kuching

Note: I did take some pictures of Emir having the cupcakes and MMS-ed the same to her...


Amal said...

haha. so cute the cupcakes!!! siap ada org tolong mkn lagi! :D

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