Apr 4, 2010

Happy Bday to Hasha, Hessa and Hadya

Kak Sharmila ordered 16 pieces of MyCupcakes to celebrate all three of her daughters' birthdays.. all born on the same month of April. Theme for the cupcakes - Powerpuff Girls and iPhone.

She also ordered my cheese cake (with whipped cream). Kak Mila wanted the names of her three daughters to be written unto the cake... but then again it looked kinda of not-so-festive looking... so plain looking... so I made some improvement on it...

Kak Mila told me that it is also for a small family gathering and what with Kuching being a small hometown as it is.. her cousin Juzz is apparently Fieza's (neighbour cum family cum cupcake lover) best friend.

So here they are peeps:

PowerPuff Girls
A lot of work and colours involved here.
For Blossom - 6 colours altogether
For Bubbles - 4 colours
For Buttercup - 5 colours



Cheese cake with whipped cream/decorated with buttercream

Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks Kak for the order!


Note: Kak Mila has ordered from both my friends-in-cupcake (get it? get it?) ... Siti and Eda ... so whenever I hear this.. my heart would be pounding fast (sure nebes one) ... they do good work... and of course I have to live up to their standards... phiewww...


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