Apr 23, 2010

Happy 35th Anniversary Mummy and Daddy

... this was in furtherance to my entry:

I made a triple choc brownie cake (10" x 10") square pan as a base for which I was to put my fondant high heels to compliment the handbag cake I made for mummy for her birthday. But as I have mentioned in the above entry, the heels broke sob sob...

... and since Mummy's birthday which was on the 13.4.2010 is also her 35th wedding anniversary, I decided to give them this as their anniversary cake instead. I piped the sides of the cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.. added gumpaste flowers... got an edible image of the two of them.. and there you go... a cake for two of the nicest and most wonderful people you can have as parents... in laws.... grandparents...

Happy 35th wedding anniversary Nek mi and Nek Di

May Allah swt graces you with all his blessings...



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