Apr 19, 2010


Erwin's mom @ my mother in law @ my son's grandma or known as NEK MI (MUMMY) ... turned 60 last 13.4.2010. I was looking forward to her bday so that I can get my hands to try and deco a nice cake for her. What I had in mind was to have a handbag birthday cake and high heels to compliment the bag.

I baked a choc cake for the handbag and baked a brownie cake (which was supposed to be the platform for the high heels). I did make the high heels using fondant and was happy that my first attempt at doing the same worked cause it did retain the shape.. but unfortunately it broke.. sob sob ... so I had to just make do with the handbag cake. We ate the brownie hehehe

So this is what I made for her:

Workmanship is still rough though ... but am still happy with it what with it being my first time making a handbag cake...

Enjoy the pictures!

Happy Birthday Mummy =)
We pray that you will always have good strong health and be blessed with happiness and always be in the grace of Allah swt. Amin

Lots of Love

Emir sent the cake to NekMi's house and we wanted/hoping that he would sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to his NekMi... but he was more occupied with Power Rangers and Ultraman.. sigh ...


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