Mar 10, 2010

Happy bday to SL

Hui Min text-ed me asking whether I can do a birthday cake for her husband who is an avid MU fan.

She wanted a choc cake with choc frosting (as she does not fancy buttercream) and she wanted an MU Jersey to have the no 10 and her husband's initial ie SL on it.

Actually, this is the same recipe I did for my little Emir's birthday cake. This choc cake recipe uses butter and it will be addition to my choc chiffon cake (which uses vege oil). Since I liked how the cake and frosting tasted I think it would be nice to add the same to my big cake menu (which I will in due course). Plus I have been meaning to find a frosting recipe as an alternative to my normal vanilla buttercream frosting. And I found this... thanks to Emir's Okomen bday cake =)

Here it is peeps:

9" Round pan
Choc cake with choc frosting
Decorated with buttercream - MU Jersey/MU Logo/grass

Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks Hui Min for the order!

Anor @ MyCupcakes
Petra Jaya
Kch Swk

Hui Min said her husband "complained" about the missing "D" (if you notice on the MU Logo) ... actually I meant to do that for "artistic" purposes... =)

Further note:
Hui Min said the choc frosting is a little too sweet for her liking ... and this input is duly noted for my future references in trying to find the best taste for my cake.. hence that applies to all of you peeps... am always trying to improve myself hence any input (be it good or bad (will be brave about this)) is very much appreciated...


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