Jan 19, 2010


Raynee said that her father enjoyed the vanilla cupacakes I made for her and was wondering whether I could use the same recipe and make a big birthday cake for her father instead. She also asked whether I could make a layer of jelly on top of the cake. Both are first time for me and was kind of looking forward to doing the cake as per Raynee's requests. Raynee also e-mailed me her drawing of what she would want written on top of the cake.

Here it is peeps:

8" round pan vanilla cake
top layer jelly
layered with fresh cream

Note: The funny thing about this order is that is mis-spelt the name .. it should be NEK MAN.. instead of NEK MAT... adoh! But Raynee told me her dad enjoyed the cake. What a lovely way to start the day when I got her sms!


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