Jan 17, 2010


My expecting fren, Mas who is due next month text-ed me and asked whether she can order from me and when I asked her when she would like them.. she said soonest... expecting mummy's craving =) and luckily I had some order and decided to just give her some... peeps! As you all are aware, what an expecting mummy wants... an expecting mummy gets.. am just happy to comply.

But the thing is since my minimum order is 16 I wasn't able to deliver the same night but Mas said they are willing to wait for the same over the weekend which is fine by me. Mas said they would like a valentine's theme.

This was made for Mas (and baby) on Friday... just for her:

These were the sixteen (16) pieces with the Valentine's theme:

The thing is I only have the clear window box with sixteen (16) inserts (which cost RM4 and charged separately - subject to availability - do check with me first k) and initially all the designs I made were meant to be arranged as 16 pieces as a whole. But later Mas told me they would like to have them in two (2) boxes instead and here they are:

Happy Valentine's day in advance peeps!
oh ya, come to think of it ... this is MyCupcakes' FIRST valentine's day =)



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